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Making self-care a priority workshop

It's crazy to me that already the new year is right around the corner. Like omg so long 2021 and hello 2022. New year new goals!!!!! This year start with small daily goals the start weaving into your daily routine. Each year most of us set resolutions we will to attain by the end of the year; often we tend to fall off the wagon. Only to realize the goal wasn't attainable to begin with. We began to start feeling bad about ourselves disappointed even. Taking small steps daily will set you on the right path to a glowing new year routine. *regerster for our free making self care a priority work shop. Have brunch learn about how to implement selfcare on a daily basis. Share ideas and learn from other woman When: January 17th 2022 3pm Location: TBD

*to regerster email Or send Dm via ig @Body_byaja body

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